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What are Eagle Rigid Span Buildings?

Eagle Rigid Span Buildings are pre-engineered box beam construction buildings.  Eagle Rigid Span Buildings can span up to 120' and have a sidewall of 32'.  They can be insulated between R-19 and R-38 and can have cathedral ceilings, allowing more usable space in the center, while lowering side wall heights required by most buildings.

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Eagle Rigid Span Buildings generally cost up to 30% less than conventional construction methods, and they're highly energy efficient.  Eagle Buildings are extremely versatile and can be finished using just about any method to achieve the finished look you want.  This product is engineer certified.

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Eagle Rigid Span has been doing "Green" buildings since 1989.  These buildings are environmentally friendly because they're built with wood, the earth's only naturally renewable building material.  Wood is durable, cost efficient, readily available, easy to construct with, and is aesthetically pleasing, and produces less air and water pollution than any other building material.  

There is no building material that is friendlier to the environment than wood itself!

The ultimate building with unlimited options.  100% usable space - vaulted interior.

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You can also learn more about Eagle Rigid Spans at www.eaglerigidspan.com.  

Contact Us Today and we can help make your Eagle Rigid Span project come together!

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